Someone didn't like going on a date with an MRA. This is discrimination. Opens the door for disparaging remarks against feminists and fat women.

...You do realize an atheist community is still a community right? Just because it doesn't have a set of morals/beliefs doesn't mean atheists are immune to the influence of other atheists. It doesn't mean atheist communities don't develop common values over time, either by encouraging each other or pushing out the ones who disagree. Especially in a place like r/atheism where bigotry isn't exactly discouraged.

I'll keep this as brief as I can. Women and minority atheists have experienced sexism, racism, transphobia and so on from people who are atheists. Whether you like that or not, it's happened and continues to happen. There are atheist communities where bigotry is not discouraged, which results in a community of bigoted atheists even if atheism itself isn't directly linked to bigotry.

Case in point: Dawkins and Hitchens are pretty awful whenever they open their mouths about women or feminism. Other atheists look to them as role models because, let's face it, they have made some good contributions to the world. Even if their horrible comments have nothing to do with their atheism or their achievements, they're definitely capable of influencing other atheists, especially when atheists don't bother to call out (their or other atheists') bigotry because 'lol it's not related to atheism, who cares if our members hate women or minorities?'

Oh, and for the record, it doesn't matter whether you personally are a bigoted atheist. I also don't care if it's "just a minority" or "a few bad apples don't represent atheism." There are definitely plenty of bigoted atheists and atheist communities that don't discourage them. You should make an effort to call them out whether you think it's connected to their atheism or not, because it can make atheist communities toxic, just like any other community.

At the moment, it seems like you're more interested in making excuses for why there's no need to call atheists out. How about calling out bigotry when you see it, regardless of whether it's an atheist community or somewhere else, instead of making excuses? Is that a fair compromise if we can't agree that quite a few atheist communities are hostile to women and minorities?

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