Rant Wednesday

My workout was just ruined by the shittiest pair of headphones I have ever used.

Do NOT buy Powerbeats2. They are absolute shit. If you get them as a gift for the holidays, keep them in the box, and sell/return them immediately.

I know lots of people hate on Beats by Dre but I never truly understood why until today. I never was a fan of their over ear headphones, but I own a pair of Powerbeats original, and they have been great for lifting/running. I just wanted a wireless set because the cord can get in the way sometimes.

For the year I have used the originals, they are still going strong and have great audio quality. It must have been an anomaly, because I cannot say the same for these v2 pair.

First the sound quality is atrocious. I would have preferred a pair of free earbuds you get on a flight.

Vocals, Mids, Highs basically are non-existent. I couldn't even recognize some songs I was listening too. I couldn't hear any nuances or anything. I had to max out volume to try and get some semblance of the tracks. And to be clear, I mostly listen to hip-hop, electronic, dubstep, etc - i.e. heavy bass music. However, the sound was still complete shit.

The fit is extremely poor. For whatever reason the over ear clips just don't fit the same as the originals (yes I tried adjusting them). I replaced the tips with Comply memory foam, but they still managed to be uncomfortable. The the short behind the neck wire snags when you turn your head

On top of all that, they are priced so high. I am just baffled these made it market.

My whole workout I was fidgeting with them, trying to adjust the sound, or download equalizer apps, or do anything to make them decent.. but that is impossible. Music really fuels my workouts and intensity, so this was annoying as hell. Luckily today was technically suppose to be a rest day for me, so whatever.

Packed them back in the box. Will be returning asap. /rant

TL;DR - Powerbeats2 are shit. Happy holidays! :)

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