Something something easy mode discourse

Let's say for example I went to Ikea and bought a table. I go to the warehouse and I get all the parts in their own flat pack container. Then I come home and open up the box, and I find that there are no instructions.

"Well that's weird", I think. So I call Ikea and ask for the instructions, but they tell me this table doesn't come with any. So I go online and ask people in Reddit about this table. The responses I get are "nah, it doesn't come with instructions, you have to figure it out yourself", "lmao look at this noob asking for instructions", and "if the table's too difficult for you, don't build it?"

But you paid Ikea for a table, and instead you received a cryptic puzzle which you can either return or try to assemble without instructions. Is that fair?

Now imagine instead of a table it's Dark Souls, and instead of Ikea it's From Software.

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