[SPOILERS] season finale... the unthinkable?!

There's no way in hell that Rick will die, unless the show wants to completely deviate from the comic source material and find a new protagonist to throw the spotlight on. But, I mean, it's not like we're in Season 10 -- we're in Season 5 for crying out loud, and Rick's the main character of the series. Killing him off now when the show is expecting to go on for 5+ more seasons is absurd. If you're right, I'll be floored, literally floored.

That TSDF Q&A was exceptionally vague for a reason. The interviewee was leaving something major out purposefully, plus TSDF is always way more tight-lipped when it comes to finales than regular old episodes. In that Q&A, the interviewee made a fishy-sounding comment stating that Daryl's "arms, legs, and hands" will be intact, but didn't reveal anything about, say, his torso. The TWDSPOILERS_ comments (which is the person who has already seen the episode and was comparing the episode to Ozymandias) says that no one from Rick's group is "definitively" going to die. My guess is, when Daryl runs into trouble out on his run -- which is the known episode description -- he's going to get into some trouble, get severely injured possibly by the Wolves (on the torso), and the second we think he's going to die, the camera cuts to black, and we have to wait until Season 6 to find out if he's alive or not.

Although, considering how phenomenal this episode is supposed to be -- comparing the quality of Conquer to Ozymandias, which is considered to be the great episode of television ever made, is insane -- and seeing how this episode supposedly ends on a massive cliffhanger indicates that something fucking major is going to go down that nobody expects. Hell, I wouldn't rule out your possibility, OP, no matter how incredibly slim it may be.

If anyone hasn't seen TWDSPOILERS_ comments, here they are:


Warning, there's major spoilers, obviously, but if you don't care about that then they're definitely worth a read.

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