The State of WoW Currently

Thanks for the Orc statue blizz..nice gift for a 10 yr ally player btw../s

I have had 3 totally free days to play. I log in, log out. Nothing for me here any longer.

The variability that made this game fun is completely gone.

My hunters pets- all vanilla. No differentiation besides looks and minor buffs. No disarm, dust, poison. It used to be so much fun finding the pets with special abilities- like that extra high speed cat.

Talent trees? Cookie cutter. You know everyone else is playing the same exact talents- no surprises, no excitement, no guessing. God I loved my Shockadin.

Exploring. No new geo-content. Just a tiny island recycled from past models. Exploring new areas used to be fun.

PVP. Completely broken. Ashran? Days-long free range Southshore battles put it to shame.

Professions. Completely worthless now. They used to be the fun way to chill out, the reason for going out into the world to farm. Now? Why bother.

Adventure. Go herb your garden again. Your followers are adventuring for you now. Woo.

The element of surprise. Earlier in the game you never knew what might happen upon logging in. Players kiting dragons/bosses to major cities for instance, was hella fun. 'Parades' in IF of rare mounts or Furbolgs was fun and gave a sense of community- and gave players something to aim for. Like working toward getting that mount or doing the Rod of Dartol chain quests. The Emerald Dream portals that popped up out of nowhere. Then the dragons that showed up and the time spent with friends putting together spontaneous 40 man raids to try to take them out.

Faction rep building. Used to be something you did because of the critical recipes, relevant gear, etc that was the reward. I haven't seen one relevant, long term useful item with WoD rep factions. Repurposed/recycled stable mounts? I have them, thanks, and they run like plastic wind up toys. Gear that lasts until the first raid round? blah. Embarrassing.

4 button rotation. Not fun at all. No situational decisions to make, just 1234. Blah.

It almost feels as if Blizz went through the list of fun, spontaneous, adventuresome things to do in the game and X'd them out.

I could go on but I won't. I am so disappointed with the direction the game has gone. I have about 24 hours left on auctions and then I am going to park my girls in SW and unsubb both my accounts (one for the first time since Beta). I have many friends who I have known for nearly that long who are already gone.

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