Still hurts 2 months later

So i am slightly older than you. i am 31f and filed and left my husband like a month and half ago we were together since I was 22. And aww I totally hear you when you are hurting. For me I started therapy. Idk if you tried that yet? But for me I noticed the first month I hated him. i was sooooo angry and then it was weird because, sadness started hitting like 2 weeks ago! I notice that if i start thinking about it, it only gets worse so when you start thinking go do something and distract yourself. Just remember this is temporary for now. I started dating apps ( now I know a-lot of people who are against this) but I think it is really helpful just to go out and meet new people and have fun. It is a good distraction. I am not looking for a relationship just a distraction for the time being. I have lost weight too and I am already skinny so I dont need to lose anymore. But give yourself a break and dont let your mind wander :)

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