Is it still possible to get the moon spirit artifact appearance? And if so, how do I get it?

yeah it is, its just timegated. you go to the emerald dreamway each week and run around until you hear some screeching. eventually you find the cats and they leave a feather for you

from wowhead:

For all the peeps out there claiming they got the screech but can't find the stone, I figured it out: DO NOT LOGOUT / LOGIN in the dreamway.

The tracking quests for the owl cat stones are daily quests. Owlcat Stone Active Owlcat Stone Active Owlcat Stone Active

Meaning, if you farm this on an inactive alt and just login directly in the dreamway, the following process happens: You login in the dreamway You get the eligibility quests flagged You will get your screech But since it's your first login, the server will also do the daily reset on your character. The macro

/script local f,a=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted,{{"Feralas",44327,44331},{"Hinterlands",44328,44332},{"Duskwood",44329,44330}} print("Eligible?",f(44326)) for i=1,3 do print(a[i][1],f(a[i][2]) and "active" or "-",f(a[i][3]) and "touched" or "-") end Will still say "true" / "eligible", because you did complete that quest flag today. But your eligibility will be "deleted" on the server side due to the daily reset upon first login. Hence you won't find any stone, even though you saw the screeching emote. Your milage will vary on this. I assume it all happens in the same second. So sometimes the daily reset happens first, sometimes you get the eligibilty quest first. Hence for some lucky few it will workout even if they logout in the dream way.

So don't shoot yourself in the foot. But make SURE, that the daily reset, doesn't mess up your eligibility. Simple solution: Logout your Druid OUTSIDE of the Dreamway. This will make sure that the server will process the Daily quest reset first. Then walk into the dreamway, check for the screech. If you didn't get the screech. Leave the Dreamway. Then logout. If you got the screech, search the stone.

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