Stories of actors, producers, etc behaving poorly or entitled on set?

Margot Robbie said he was a good and friendly collaborator. I think the thing this sub (and gossip communities forget) is that people are complicated. David O. Russell isn’t a monster to everyone. Ditto for many in this thread: Dave Chappelle is an out-of-touch bigot, and endlessly kind to fans he meets on the street. The Rock is a blowhard who needs to pump himself up as a hero, and always friendly to those around him and down to earth. Ben Stiller is a notorious jerk to crew, and a good collaborator and cheerleader to writers like Dan Erickson. Tom Hardy is deeply respected by crew as a salt-of-the-earth good guy, and a selfish maniac who infuriated Charlize Theron, (who, incidentally, is no saint either). The people who don’t have careers are generally the people who let themselves be only a monster, or J-Lo I guess.

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