[Stories] What is the craziest/creepiest dream you have ever had?

Too many to choose from as I'm used to have nightmares once in a while and I remember all of my dreams pretty well. The first dream that comes to my mind though is a recent one about being inside a place which looked like a fancy hotel with many people, we all were in the first floor and there was a warning about tsunami that is going to hit the hotel soon. In order not to drown we had to go up those huge stairs to the upper floors of the hotel which had no electricity and were very dark. But many people didn't want to go up there because they were afraid of some evil entity occupying the upper floor, so me and a small group of people went to the upper floors. In this point I'll mention that in my hand I was holding some kind of strange device that apparently allowed me to record my dreams, but I'll talk about it later. Anyways, we went to the upper floors and just waited there hoping that the water won't get there too. A short while after I remember myself being cornered with the other people by this strange, evil entity. I don't remember what exactly it was like a walking darkness, insidious and unsettling. And it wanted me. I remember it getting very close to me, looking at my face, examining me then all the sudden everything stops and that particular memory ends. In my next memory I'm outside, not too far from where I live and there's a thick fog everywhere. There was no sign of life anywhere, it was like the world was dead, like I was the only person left alive on earth. But I wasn't completely alone, that thing was looking for me and somehow I knew it. I began to run, looking for somewhere I can find safety. At one point I looked behind me and saw this thing not too far away from me, I still don't remember what it looked like but it looked quite tall this time. I began to ran faster but it blocked my way no matter where I went. I could feel how evil this thing was, how much it wanted to kill me. But I didn't manage to escape so as a last choice I ran towards it in order to attack it, I get really close to it and just as I'm about to hit thing I'm waking up in my bed with my heart beating hard. But I was still dreaming and next to me there was an album with pictures from my dream, it even contained a disk with a video footage of it I think. I got out of my bed and in the living room I see my mother and tell her about the dream I have and about the album. She didn't believe of course, because how can someone record their dreams? So in order to prove her wrong I open the album and show her the pictures, and this is my last memory. In the album you could see pictures taken every place I've been in during my dream, on the floor and on the walls in the pictures you could see sentences that doesn't make any sense next to an inflated white doll with poorly drawn face in each picture.

It was one of the creepiest dreams I had in a while.

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