[Stories] What have you done in the past that makes you cringe when you think of it?

Of the top of my head, last summer in madrid. Being the hormonal 20 year old that I am, I decided to go out one night to explore the vicinity for any possible tail. Well lets just say there is a risk factor during these situations. You're either gonna pull of having a really good night, or you're gonna end up being that sad loser sitting by the bar engaging in small talk with the bar tender. I've played this risk game many times before, I've had both bad and good nights. Madrid was by so far the worst night I've had . Where to start 1-I broke the cup of an aggressive Argentinian while dancing by myself like an idiot, bought him new drink -8€ 2- I ran out of cigarettes had to buy a pack to feed my boredom in order to look like I'm doing something, anything, even smoking seemed viable at this point. -5€ 3- No smoking allowed inside bar, shit. Go outside to smoke. I meet two pretty blondes, engage in small talk, I try to break the ice by asking for a lighter -win- 2 minutes later while I'm still talking to the girls, someone walks up to me and asks me for a lighter. I oblige. Shit, I forgot, I wasn't supposed to have a lighter. They leave. 3- walk back inside bar, I meet a bunch of students from Hondorous, great. One of them was pretty hot. I engage in a conversation with the male in order to make the girl feel comfortable. Going good. I ask him what he studies. Accounting. At this point I engage in playful banter by screaming 'BOOOORRRIIINNGG' at the top of my lungs. Let's just say the people of Hondorous don't really have a sense of humor. 4- All hope is lost, I walk out of bar. A miracle happens. I meet three Spaniards visiting madrid, we talk while smoking a cigarette, it's going great. We walk up to a different bar - win- 5- I really connected with one of the girls, start to hook up with her. That's when shit hit the fan. That's the icing of my shit cake. I told her I loved her. No need to elaborate the pain associated with pulling off a Ted Mosby with a promiscuous European. 6- Walked home alone, checked my pockets. Empty. Fuck you Europe -90€.

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