[Stories] What's the most horrible and evil prank that you've pulled, heard of, or experienced?

This was in high school.

My best friend has always been kind of crazy. Like, she's a bit of a dick with a loudmouth and an obnoxious personality. She used to get it fights and carried a knife with her, though she never used it for more than opening beer cans to shotgun.

The summer after grade 12 we raised hell in our hometown before we moved away. We did lots of stupid shit. Taking realtor's signs and moving them, egging cars, putting garden gnomes in weird places.. Just stupid shit. We actually made the paper before we moved away about said stupid shit. Lol.

But the worst we ever did made that shit look like child's play. My best friend dated this guy for years, and when they broke up, she was devastated. He eventually dated this other girl, who is actually super nice and super pretty. My bff hated her, obviously. So, we spent one hot ass summer afternoon on a lake in my dad's little dingy catching and collecting tadpolesand pollywogs. Our home town was full of lakes with invasive frogs species. There were thousands of these tadpoles and we were in one tiny area of the lake. So we collected a few hundred tadpoles, put them in a few ice cream buckets, and left the lake.

That night we drove over to my bffs ex's new gfs house and took those tadpoles and dumped them in the bed of her truck. There was about an inch of water in with the tadpoles, so they were still alive. We make off like bandits, laughing our assess off, picturing her wondering how to get them outta there.

What we didn't know is she wasn't in town for two days. So those tadpoles basically dried onto her truck bed. From what I heard it stank like a mother fucker. I still feel bad to this day, because that wasn't the plan at all. We thought she'd find them the next morning and use a hose to spray them out or something.

Yea, we were jerks.

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