Straight people on Reddit, have you been hit on by gay people? How did it go?

By a few to be fair. Though I consider myself straight, I always think just because I've never met a man who I'm attracted to, that doesn't mean it's an impossibility. I think the chance is slim, but also somehow ridiculous to think otherwise.

One night I was at a some womans house I barely knew. Was drunk and had been taking some drugs. At one point, it was just me and two others. A man and a woman. They were best friends and had some sexual stuff going on. Can't remember how it came about exactly but I think she was laying on me or something, either way somehow a threesome was suddenly on the table. I was kissing her, they were kissing. Both touching her up. Then he starts on me, goes in for a kiss. And I basically say like, I'm not feeling that you know, and it all stops. Then she ends up leaving.

A bit later we watching tv, and he starts again. This time no attempt to kiss. Was pretty sure that even if I got hard I'd not stay hard. Which turned out to be true. But thought fuck it, why not. So I just let him suck me off, basically. But yeah, wouldn't quite get fully hard, and would lose even the bit it had for a bit. Just wasn't happening. He gave it a good try though, so fair play. Was a very stange but funny experience. Night carried on, odd laugh about it. Glad it happened, at least in a finding myself kind of way. Can't think of a better guy to have had my penis in his mouth.

Saw him at the pub not too long ago. Both our groups sat together and chatted for a bit. Could swear we were both thinking of that same night. Thought about the woman for a while too. I was clearly interested in her that night.

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