The success of the steam controller summed up in one picture

Then why on earth would you even care about the steam controller. It obviously isn’t for you. It’s not meant to be better than any other controller at one thing. It’s meant to allow you to play games with a controller that you never could before.

No one is going to use a Steam Controller in a Star Craft tournament... But it is perfectly playable with one if you want to play star craft from the couch. People who want to play star craft on the couch are probably not concerned with MAXIMUM MIN/MAX UBER ELITE PERFORMANCE. If they were, they’d play sitting at a desk.

It really isn’t a pain in the ass, either. That’s proof that you’ve only speculated and haven’t really tried. If you take the time to set it up, you can do a whole lot to stream line the RTS experience with a Steam Controller.

Anyone who bitches and moans that the steam controller isn’t the absolute best at everything is diluting themselves.

It is the best controller for FPSes. Followed by the PS4 and Swich Pro because of the gyros. Someone really serious with a mouse isn’t going to do any better, but it will be a lot better than something with twin joysticks. Which is the whole point.

The point isn’t about being the best, it’s about being able to enjoy games how you want. No one for the steam controller has argued otherwise and any argument that claims that the steam controller sucks because it’s not good for whichever specific instance is really directed at no one but walls.

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