I surrender!

You have to surrender your life to the divine and stay loyal. You appologize for all the pain you done and intercept your karma. You forfeit any war you have wished on anyone or anything. You have to become a different person. The person you are now is the one they want to attack. If you die to your ego and clear up your karma every day you will begin to become a different person. This new person you become will not be the one they are trying to harm.\

First thing you have to do is be honest with the reason why you are being attacked. Did you upset anyone? did you wage war? did you do something stupid with magick? When it comes to these types of things it could really be anything. You could have even created this in your mind and they took form.

The fact is, Darkness attacks Darkness. You have to clean out your tensions and karma. Go through your past and forgive people you hurt individually. Cut Cords to people you have memories with and surrender it to God. Surrender all of you to God. Dedicate this transition of your life to Freedom, Love, and Happiness. Dedicate it to Forgiving others and being grateful.

If something bad happens, use the experience as a lesson for your surrender and growth towards God. What in you was triggered, when was the youngest you remember feeling like this? forgive and surrender. Dig deep, breathe, and truly wish to be Happy and loving. Otherwise you are just fighting. Fighting fighting fighting... what good does that do? nothing, it is all ego and survival based. Might as well reincarnate as a dog who is territorial and possessive.

So surrender! don't beleive your fears and thoughts, just breath and let go. Come to the present moment and abide in stillness and peace. From this place of stillness begin to be grateful and thank God for saving you. Sing praises in whatever your path is. If you resonate with Tibetan stuff, sing mantras of compassion and mercy like Om Mani Padme Hum. If your heart is with more Jewish and Christian stuff, Sing amazing grace.

The fact is you have to transform your heart. You have to allow the person you are, thoughts, feelings, and habits die. All your fears and insecurities, allow them to go. If you really wanted to be free, would you go looking for these things as they leave. When you fear nothing, there is don't feel the need to protect yourself.

Appologize to the all. Do a ritual and give something back as an appology. Burn letters. Bury a gift or throw something in the ocean as an appolgy. There is no enemies when you have no enemies. There are no enemies when you are friends with the All... the Supreme One and All. Essence itself.

Transform every bit of your being into love and joy, and these things will have trouble tracking your energy cause the energy they were attacking becomes no more.

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