Sweatshop (2014)3 Young People Get To See The Cambodian Factories Where Their Clothes Are Made. Their Reaction Is Telling. Norwegian. Eng. Sub.[CC]

You think it should, theoretically, but you're too burdened with the tragic knowledge that change is really difficult so you won't really try until someone comes to you with a foolproof, perfectly realized plan, formulated by someone who isn't the slightest bit a "hypocrite".

What's your grand plan to save the world lieutenant cocksneeze? I asked for suggestions for real change, or are you fucking completely unable and blinded by rage to read the points I've made?

You are the worst kind of human.

You're embarrassing yourself.

You eschew social change based on the convenient excuse that every criticism or proposal fails to see reality in all its complexity--a quality you have no problem granting yourself.

Nowhere have I avoided it. It's the system we HAVE right now. I've said that I don't see it changing, not that I don't wish to be part of the movement to change. Jesus christ, if you don't see the difference I have no doubt you're trolling/being purposefully obtuse.

You comfortably straddle the fence, nodding your bloated head to some of the more ethically weighted critiques of consumerism, but you simultaneously refuse to actually stand behind any movement for change on the pretext that everyone but you is "getting it all wrong."

Ad hominem. I've never refused to stand behind any movement. These movements are usually people spouting off their dreams or what they would like reality to be. I'm asking for concrete, realistic changes that can be made to avoid the exploitation of the poor in the third and second world countries.

And while you're sitting there smugly behind your own computer, convinced you've made so many great points, what the flying fuck have you ever done for any of these causes? You talk a ton for someone who so harshly critiques other people.

You're a piece of shit. But I don't think you need me to tell you that. I think you're already well aware of that.

And anyone who reads through your posting history would instantly be aware of the kind of human being you are. You're worth no more of my time.

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