Tapering of oxy?

In my experience I’ve NEVER been able to taper my DOC, and I’ve never met anyone who could. I’m in my first day of cold turkey coming off 600mg a day, it sucks major ass but it’s doable man. I’ve been dealing with this shit for 13+ years with some years of clean time in between. Only way I see you being able to taper is if ya got someone else to dole it out to you, but it will just prolong everything and you’ll still feel like crap. If you really want off I say bite the bullet man. It will suck but that’s the fuckin price we pay. In a few weeks you’ll forget how hellish it was. My symptoms are just starting to set in, but it’s reassuring to know that in a week I’ll start to feel better.. that’s what I try to focus on.. good luck man

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