Teachers who work at schools with a "Zero Tolerance" rule, what's the most ridiculous thing you've seen a kid get suspended for?

You've never worked in the corporate world, have you?

Lol. For 20+ years. In the real world we have our phones out all the time. I'm thinking you might not have worked there. RSA keys, email, im, texts, and so on. Heh, Nearly everyone in my office has stands for their phones on their desks, same was true at my previous gig. And for work and personal use. Heh, we expense our phones in the office world. Office workers chew gum, drink water at their desk, can piss when they want to, eat at their desk, and all kinda shit. Any office worker worth their salt wouldnt put up with any of the rules schools try to enforce. They find other jobs with less toxic and idiotic bosses and co-workers.

Bone fide disruptive behavior you deal with. A phone out is not a bone fide disruption. The rules are stupid because they work against the goals of education by themselves being the disruption. Phone on desk? Not an disruption. IMing mom, not a disruption. Reading a wiki, checking your work, and so on not a disruption. Playing games with the volume off? Also not a disruption; but a distraction to be addressed if the student is failing.

Dont use your phone is a stupid rule because the actual rule should be dont be distracted and pay attention when you need to. Phone, rubics cube, love letters, tamagochis, whatever by default at not a problem; the distraction when one should pay attention is. When someone isnt paying attention, and cant answer questions, that reflects on their grade. Suggesting the minimize distractions in order to bring grades up is a non-disruptive way to deal with the issue. Taking a persons property, and all the other horseshit? That is the actual disruption; of the entire class.

NO CONFISCATION of a phone imo is valid in todays world. They are life lines to parents, they are gateways to our lives. Not to mention the security issues of letting a teacher have a students phone.

Ordering the phone to be put away IS the distraction for the rest of the class. If the student isnt making noise, and can answer questions, does good on assignments, turns in homework, and tests well, then leave them the fuck alone.

This reminds me of chewing gum... Kid would be chewing gum, not bothering anyone, no one noticing, everyone paying attention or doing their work, until the teacher makes it a big deal. I had one of those Little Professor Whiz Kids when I was a kid. I'm there using it to help me with my work; it told you if your answer was right, didnt give you the answer, and BAM, there is the teaching disrupting the entire class as opposed to just not being a dumb ass.

Parents who refuse to see the teachers view... I am kinda glad this has become a thing. Adults in my day took the teachers side. The teachers were mean spirited fucks who couldnt teach, hardly understood the subjects, and often lied about students. Some rules are indeed reasonable; but no phones, no gum, misc dress code shit, and so one are not on that list.

In askreddit you can find all kinda threads where people tell their teachers and school faculty horror stories. I tried a few times to get some opposite views to find none. Adults grow up, look back, and realize they were right; their teachers were real shit shows and deplorable human beings who often had zero business around children or teaching their subjects. Time and time again those threads get over 10K of replies.

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