Team Rumble: Lava LTM replaced with Team Rumble

Season 3 player here. I play TR only and never cared for 20s/33s/50s BR variations. Almost gave up playing FN till TR came lol.

As an OG bot/adult who doesnt want to commit my life to keep up with the meta and adapt with FN, it's nice to have respawn and just chill and drop 20 bombs on the super bots. I feel like Ninja playing TR and Im ok ego wise with being a casual lol.

I think we forgot at some point in the COD PS3 era that games can just be fun, and fun only. Respect to comp players and casuals who play arena for sure , but thats why I watch on twitch and peruse. Im good chillin in TR but still respect your grind and hustle to be the best you can be.

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