@TeamFortress: "Update on the Unusual situation: All Unusuals from the bugged crates have been marked as non-tradable for the time being. We are evaluating what steps to take with these items and will have another update for you after the weekend."

God dude you took this 0-100.

I wasn’t trying to imply that. Whether we like it or not, something has to be done. Everyone who either intentionally did it or just got lucky and just moved on is gonna have a lost here.

Valves in a rock and the hard place situation. Realistically everyone’s gonna be thrown into a pot and if you got one during the period of the glitch in these crates, somethings gonna happen to it.

That’s why I suggested something to just dictate a outcome. People who like actually didn’t do it should get something as well. I knew about it last night on West Coast time, so I could of gotten like 30+ Hats if I really wanted to.

Btw, I heard about from B4nny and one of his streams. Friends of mine were watching and he got like guaranteed unusuals, so that’s how I learned about it.

All in all, this post was just a suggestion for everyone. The valiant part was for a description to go with the games comedy. For god sakes man you looked way to hard into this.

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