"Tell Me About Your Android phones" NSFW

a) I think it's totally ridiculous you have to run through your "help stop help" that many times before being allowed to hang up on someone. I unfortunately like some of the commenters have known people in call centers getting fired for doing it, too. I think it's absurd to be subjected to sexual harassment in a work environment. It should not matter if it's an employee, or a customer.

and b to maybe lighten the mood surrounding calls) I worked at a pizza joint and after months of annoying the owners to cross train me to cooking (only men before me and you weren't taken seriously unless you cooked), I was the only girl on the weekends when we were open late night since I could both cook and serve I worked 2 peoples' jobs. I guess I have like the opposite story of this. There was this girl who ordered religiously when she was drunk after bar close, but if she was with a cabbie or felt threatened she would keep me on the line (we had 3, we usually weren't doing shit that late due to locale) so she would just talk to me and say things like "I just want to get home before I give you my card number" and give me her location when in a cab, basically making sure that person knew she was supposed to be home in x minutes but was always really coded when walking with people she felt unsafe around (party girl, she came in in person a lot too). I always obliged because she clearly felt unsafe, she KNEW I religiously worked during the late weekends and I would keep her on the phone as long as she needed to get safe/home, even though I would ask if she needed the police a billion times. She never said yes but would thank me profusely when being at home after sometimes.

one of the owners came in drunk one night and got mad at me for being on the phone with her while she didn't want to tell me her card number in front of her cab driver who she was drunk enough to say had been advancing on her in REALLY coded language (basically me asking questions and her pretending to be ordering) and I told them I'd quit on the spot if they stopped taking her calls (again, they'd need 2 employees to replace me). I was really young, and in hindsight she could have had a better system than to call an employee somewhere that she knew would be there when she wasn't feeling safe, especially because there was no way of knowing who would answer out of the 4 of us closing....with caller ID I was usually called over from whatever I was doing, but in retrospect it's kind of weird she would pick a total stranger to do that with. When I showed her account info (it didn't include her CC info for obvious reasons) to the owners how much she spent every weekend, they agreed to keep taking her calls no matter how long they were. I don't know what advice I'd give her now, since having a legitimate restaurant on the phone is a prime zero reason for anyone abusive to suspect anything until they get to a safe place. It was rare for her to do this, she ordered every single weekend, but I took those overly long calls pretty seriously when she did them. She was really good at relaying not feeling safe without saying it outright, even when wasted. I know a couple of them were cabbies, but I never found out if the other scenarios were one abusive person or just people she felt unsafe around. Anyone fucking with us in store or on the phone in the way you were though, we were allowed to tell to fuck off in those exact words though, very dissimilar to a call center :(

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