Signs of the times…..

Eh I don’t think there is much that a single person can do though quite frankly. Driving an electric car won’t do jack, in fact they say that is just as bad due to the battery being lithium ion. Getting rid of plastic for yourself also won’t make a difference and I just sit there wondering what can be done by an individual when it is a global issue? I mean we need factories shut down if we really want to make a difference. Giant billion dollar factories in china as they produce the most carbon emissions. But how can you do anything close to that? And that is just china, then you have us Americans. Idk if you have noticed, but damn Americans have wha more than any other nation and that is the issue. The demand that the citizens have in the country is sky high causing more factories. So honestly, the best thing to do is stop purchasing more things. Be fine with what you have and get more used to having less. Then we need everyone to do the same thing until the demand slowly starts crumbling to the point the factories do as will. They are building 9,000 toasters a day. That is bloody ridiculous we don’t need those damn toasters. But why not when it is only $20? So in short, we are never going to see the day when global warming makes an impact on us, until it is the day people are dying from it in mass amounts. Our greed and want is just to high. It isn’t even greed we were just born in this culture and now it is the only culture we know

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