TemTem Is Probably the Closest We'll Get to a Pokemon MMO - IGN

Yokai Watch is super popular but the character designs are, for lack of a better word, disgusting. I hate looking at a majority of them. And half of them don't even share the same vibe/art style. And then there's the american Yokai, which are just...horrible. I'm not opposed to a hamburger monster in a video game but when it has a shitty art style, looks unpleasant, and has a really horrendous pun name, no thanks.

Who is honestly playing these games and saying "Oooh! oooh! I want the banana-man dressed as a king with nerd glasses poking out of a laptop!"? Who gets excited over a piece of buttered bread that is also a battered boxer?

There's one that's an injured journalist. Its name is Injurnalist. That's it. That's the entire gimmick.

But then you also have things like Her Eggcelency, which is really cute.

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