TFAB's Weekly BFP Post - November 15, 2020. Got your BFP? Post your story here!

Cycle: 5

Age + Partner's age (if relevant): I'm 29, husband is 38

Typical cycle length: 28-35

Ovulation cycle day: 20

CD/DPO of positive test(s): BFN at 9dpo, BFP at 13dpo

Tracking methods and app(s) used: OPK, temping (Fertility Friend)

Relevant days of sperminating and/or method (SMEP, TI, IUI, FET, etc.): O-4, O-1, O, O+1

Supplements and medications (yours and/or your partner’s): I'm taking prenatals, DHA, a probiotic, and ashwagandha

Birth control history (if relevant): On the pill from age 16 until March 2019

Link to chart: Chart - it was my first month using a TempDrop

Link to lineporn: In post history, and I just got a positive on a ClearBlue digital

Symptom spotting: I have been FAMISHED starting at 10dpo. I feel like a bottomless pit. Other than that, nothing crazy. My boobs feel bigger while not feeling as tender/painful as usual during my TWW.

Other (advice/tip(s), freaking out, miscellaneous): I had the starkest white negative on 9dpo and entered my typical pessimism. I usually start spotting the morning of 13dpo, so when I had some spotting this afternoon I ran downstairs crying to my husband. I decided to take a test just to be sure I was out (and to torture myself), and low and behold it was positive. I'm a little worried because of the spotting, but Dr. Google tells me it's normal, so I'm cautiously optimistic/freaking out!

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