There is no right answer to this debate.

At least you recognize its a human with rights at all stages of the pregnancy. But you have two conflicting rights. The right to life, IE not be killed, and the right to bodily autonomy. Obviously the women aborting for most reasons is the more selfish choice so we should favor the unborn instead.

I asked if parents should be compelled to forfeit their body parts "IF NEEDED." Tens of thousands of people die every year from lack of blood supply and especially the lack of blood of the correct type. The US is literally in a massive blood supply crisis as I type this due to lack of donors throughout the pandemic. Similarly, thousands of people die each year from lack of matching bone marrow donors. Thousands die each year waiting for an organ donation. So are you going to answer the question or not? Should all parents be forced to forfeit their body parts to sustain the life of their born children if needed, or not? If you think only the unborn have the right to use their parents' body parts to sustain their own lives without the parent's consent, how do you justify this exception?

Are you just not going to answer the question?

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