Why is there such a victim mentality among Asians?

Thank youuuuuuu!!! I’m a Black female and there are some irritating Black women out here doing the same things & they are starting to make me speak out against it too. I tried to stay quiet because I felt bad that some Black women felt that way, but now it’s at a point where these women just don’t want to take any agency about why they aren’t attracting men and they’d rather just blame race so they can step back and see the problem as outside of their hands. I argued with a FAT black girl who 100% claimed that fat white women get dates easily so she should too, but since she isn’t, it’s due to racism. I was like, what part of society makes you think that fat white women are attracting men all the time??? If anything, every white girl knows from a young age that she can’t get fat or men won’t like her, but these women do get fat after marriage and kids. She just didn’t want to see it as something in her control because she didn’t want to have to change herself to get what she wanted, which was more male attention. Some people are delusional and some of these black women and Asian men need to stop feeling sorry for themselves. It sounds harsh, but they’re making themselves look pathetic. And they’re making us look pathetic along with it because they’re making it seem we are all in the same boat together because of race is just so “undesired” when that’s insanely exaggerated at this point.

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