To those who suggest we are “reductive and insulting” to young women when warning about age gaps

Those guys never read laws. Legal and Moral are not equivalent. Cannibalism for example is perfectly legal if it was not you who killed and dismembered the body. So is incecest as long as both people are of the same sex (aka it's legal for brothers to have sex, but illegal for brother and sister), there is also nothing illegal. Child peagants are perfectly legal and that includes bleaching the teeth of preschoolers and spray tanning toddlers.

Also look at how recent laws regarding consent are. Upskirting Was legal till 2020, sexual assault thats not rape (smacking strangers butts on the train)was legal till 2016, raping your wife was legal till 1997. These laws all regard to Germany the "age of consent is 14 I saw it in a archer Episode" (if you are 14 you can only consent to sex with people under 18, at 16 you can consent generally, not much better, but a tiny bit better).

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