Three more altar boys claim they were abused by priests in Vatican

As someone who grew up christian going to a Christian Church who was around sisters who would teach us about a bible verses each Sunday and then follow it by an activity and snacks in either a cabin or small room with other children, none of us EVER got touched, molested or forced to do anything sexual. My brother also went to the same church and he also never said anything or was scared to go.

The way they did it was Sisters would take care of a girl group and the brothers took care of the boy groups. So they never had adult men alone with girls. I was never told anyone was molested or raped by any other women who went to the same church as me and where my age.

I feel like celibacy has a lot to factor in as well as giving a position like that of such high power to one man alone attracks rapist and pedophiles.

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