TIL In 1915 a woman was found alive after her sister ran late to her funeral, then demanded she see her sister one more time. When they dug her out, the woman sat up and smiled, she went on to live for 47 more years.

First, don't downvote someone for asking for sources. (Which you still haven't given so I'll just have to find them myself.) I'm right, you didn't give an explanation, you just gave your opinion and expected us to accept it without knowing why. There's biased where you bend facts and lazy where you just omit any facts. Please don't accuse someone of one while you commit the other.

Snopes pointed out that they're appearing on so biased, they're biased in favor of every direction.

Snopes explaining why the controversy is bullshit.

Most of the other stuff I could find was just about how they discussed a bill banning churches from discussing gay conversion therapy (That bill has been seriously misunderstood by the way so I really don't care for that article.) and how they're just claiming stories to be false for views. (Because debunking stories is more exciting than proving them? No that's stupid.) Honestly couldn't find much else so if you think you have more evidence for the site being terrible, fucking give sources please.

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