TIL In 2011, a Brazilian man found a penguin covered in oil and close to death. He nursed him back to health and since then the Penguin swims 3 to 5 thousand miles every year to spend time with his human soulmate.

Probably the same feeling I had when I came home from school, used to coming in the door to my dog sitting there wagging his tail waiting for me to give him a hug and then go out back with him.

I come home one day to find out some fucking city worker cut the lock we had keeping the gate to our back yard closed, didn't even knock on the door to say he needed to do any work...then he leaves the gate open and walks back out to his car, at the same time my mom who was taking a nap thought he needed to go outside, and went out, the gate was open, and he ran out, went into the street where some bitch on her cellphone was speeding IN A FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD and hit him.

Looking back, the only good things are that my dad was not home, because he likely would have killed both of them and be in prison, and that I wasn't home, because I would have done the same. I know it's extreme, and "stupid to value your dog's life over those people" but I know I wouldn't be thinking clearly, but that wouldn't change anything. Fuck them for taking my dog away from me.

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