TIL a college student aligned his teeth successfully by 3D printing his own clear braces for less than $60; he'd built his own 3D home printer but fixed his teeth over months with 12 trays he made on his college's more precise 3D printer.

Yeah.... No they are not as good as a hospital. I had an infected pimple or cyst or whatever pop up on my knee. Couple days go by and antiseptics aren't helping so I go to the VA walk-in or fast track thing since at this point I can barely walk. Mind you, this was just before they closed for the day so they were about to end their shift and head home. The doctor just looks at my knee and says that if I can't squeeze some pus out then there is nothing he can do. I'm like wtf? This hurts so bad I can barely move my leg and this dick head wants me to try to squeeze the infection site? So I ask him to just numb it and drain it. He refuses since he can't get any pus to test for infection. He literally never even touched my knee and only gave a very cursory exam of it. Well then he subscribed me some antibiotics and tried to send me on my way. So I'm like "doc , I can barely walk and your not doing a whole lot here. At least give me something for the pain." To which he wrote me a script for naproxen. Which is basically prescription ibuprofen. So I go home, wake up the next day and now the infection site is about the size of a golf ball and has red streaks radiating up my leg. I can no longer move my leg due to excruciating pain. I get my old lady and friend to get me into a car and up to a local emergency room. After an ER doc took a look, he asked why I didn't get medical attention sooner. I told him about the VA and showed him the script I got from them. He was floored. Apparently I was not far from loseing my leg and possible death due to it going septic. They had to give me intravenous antibiotics and knocked me out with daladid (or however you spell it). After a night stay to make sure it wasn't progressing they released me and I had to have about 3 different check ups after this. Now had this been a normal doctor, I'm fairly certain this would be malpractice. But guess what? You can't sue the VA. Also, you can get some bullshit medical degree from an online college in Bermuda and the VA will allow you to practice. That's insane. People should not be allowed to practice medicine with a bullshit degree and no repercussions for their fuck ups.

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