TIL A devout Mormon set out in 1955 on an archaeological expedition to prove the Book of Mormon's claims. After 15 years instead he found nearly every claim in the BOM was wrong and the papyrus J. Smith claimed written by Abraham was actually just a page ripped out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Raised extremely fundie Lutheran. If you're honest with yourself you realize the things keeping you there are:

1) The relations you have with the people in your church and not wanting to disappoint them or your family.

2) Being on the safe side if Hell is real (I believe Mormonism has the "sons of perdition" as a similar fate if I recall).

Being gay is what really pushed me away from theology, like, it's hard to reconcile something intrinsic about yourself that's supposedly a sin. I do remember reading "The God Delusion" at age 13 and finding it actually made me more theistic. You're just going to have a bunch of small inconsistencies that build up until you throw your hands up in the air and don't attend worship one weekend. If you're inquisitive and already on reddit exploring contradictions it'll happen eventually.

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