TIL that Frank Sinatra’s publicist auditioned and paid girls $5 to scream at his early performances to get the crowd excited.

I'm sympathetic with your line of thinking, but when engaged in evaluating the moral or ethical condition of some one from another time and place, it is only sensible to ask: "What is reasonable to expect of this individual?" And obviously that they should conform to the norms and values of our place and time is simply not a reasonable expectation. How could those remote individuals possibly be expected to adopt and conform to those as yet unarticulated values and unknown standards? We might perhaps hope that people look beyond the baseline of a normative localism, and we would certainly welcome their doing so, but we have no right to expect it of them. However, we are certainly entitled to disapprove of what they did and regret their doing so. Also -- by definition, his sexual disposition does not constitute pedophilia.

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