TIL Kid Rock was not actually raised poor, or in a trailer. He grew up in a 5500 square foot home on a six acre estate, helping his family pick apples from their orchards and care for their horses.

I'll answer for him.

First I'll start with this. Mokumer...I'm sorry that by the age of 60 you still haven't been able to really gain any critical thinking skills.

The answer is there's no other choice unfortunately. American politics are fickle. Even though a candidate might be in many Americans best interests(do you really think Biden was the best democratic candidate?), it's hard for them to get mass support because the part as a whole has such influence.

So in the end, when we come to the end of primaries or even the general election, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You have to pick in your mind which is the lesser of two evils.

So while yes, maybe as a conservative I am for public health care or assistance in some form, I can't really control if the final candidate in the general election is for or against it. I can vote in the primaries, but ultimately it's up to the rest of republicans as well, and as I said above, that's kind of rigged from the start.

The problem is that somehow, at the age of 60, you still fail to realize that people are nuanced. Not all conservatives are gay bashing, body controlling, racists. In fact I'd say that's the vast minority. On the other side not all liberals are pink haired SJWs entrenched in cancel cultures. That too is the vast minority.

So making blanket claims over hundreds of millions of people just isn't fair. Especially when our political system, the two party system, is incredibly flawed and leaves us with candidates that do not represent the majority opinions of the American people. But what are they to do? Not vote? Someone has to get elected, so you choose what you believe to be the lesser of two evils in a sense.

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