TIL that Lee Kuan Yew, the late prime-minister of Singapore was the only person in the world to bring a third-world country to the status of a ultra modern country in a single generation.

It's not ethical if they were aggressively inviting immigrants to come into their country as a national policy yet discriminating then still. It's it's their sovereign policy (that I happen to disagree with) to decide the direction of their country.

For example, Im not opposed to Italy becoming a Muslim nation, with Renaissance sculptures all torn down because if that's what the new generation of Italians in the future want Italy to be, and current day Italy keeps on inviting immigrants into their country. Newness must be embraced. I personally find that to be a big bummer since Italy has a lot of history, but change happens.

Alternatively, if a country like South Korea wants to maintain Korean-ness by not giving citizenship to any non-Korean (at all or very minimally) I won't be opposed to that either.

America doesn't allow illegal immigrants and for the longest time, didn't allow blacks to vote.

Not everything moves in a singular momentum. Exercise some patience and let countries decide on their own terms.

Do you really think America would have listened to a foreign country telling them how wrong slavery was when they signed the constitution? Of course not.

The key is to treat each nation, culture and history, even if you disagree with aspects of them like they have legitimate standings for their feelings and life experiences.

It doesn't mean you condone what they do, it means understanding that America came to abandon slavery own it's own, and other nations don't need coddling and interference to rise to the occasion. It's just drama filled Americans (ps: I'm American and been to Iraq so I've been through this) that feel they need to buttr their head into business that isn't there's to force a Hollywood ending to every small thing. It's just not how the world works, unless you like being an impatient, self righteous bully that thinks that it's opinion is the only one that not only matters, but is legitimate

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