TIL Samsung accidentally issued 2,000 employees 1,000 shares of stock for 37 minutes before realizing the error. 16 employees sold during that time for approx. $9,000,000 each.

9 million dollars in stock. You are pretending like it's 9 million in cold cash in hand.

9 million dollars in stock still needs to be sold -> transferred to the holding account -> transferred to your bank account -> Somehow pull it out of the account (Never going to happen.) -> somehow gain access and board a plane as a fugitive.

It just seems silly to even think about if it's not the sort of money that will ensure the rest of your life is filled with money. 9 million will last maybe 20 years. That's stretching it. And remember, you can't reinvest cause your a fugitive. Anything you stuff into the system you risk never getting back.

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