Times where diversity is done right?

Gears of War 1

Marcus Fenix - White male protagonist who defies orders to do what he thinks is right.

Dom Santiago - Marcus best friend who happens to be Hispanic

Augustus Cole - Former football star turned soldier

Damon Baird - White male mechanic asshole

Colonel Hoffman - Old southern accented colonel whose got a bone to pick with deserter/former prisoner Marcus Fenix yet still respects him for his service.

Lt Ming Young Kim - By the books Asian LT

Anya Stroud - Female eyes in the sky and support for our team

Anthony Carmine - Rookie Italian soldier who dies to a sniper

This game has a ton of diversity, stereotypical to an extent however not one character did I ever question if they were put in the game just to meet a quota. They all have their quirks and qualities that make them memorable for people of almost every race to feel included and identify with to some extent.

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