Toddler fed vegan diet so malnourished she had no teeth, court told

See! I have no idea what you’re talking about... but I’m aware enough and humble enough to admit it.

I will say that the experience and understanding I gain from my time as a vegan has changed the way in which I see and understand food. I’m still primarily on a vegan diet but I’m also very aware that my body responds beautifully to some animal products.

In the case of the article - it’s a completely different ball game when you’re talking about the building blocks of life. I’m fully grown so my body and the nutrients it consumes are primarily for repair and maintenance.

I have watched young kids grow and what they are experiencing in their bodies is true science - the speed, power and life force that those building blocks are delivering is astonishing. I actually believe that we have come complacent with the magic that is unfolding in front of our eyes - to me, science is magic. ⭐️

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