Top lane isn't fun anymore

Darius and Yasuo are shit tier. They are at those win rates because people dont know how to play against them

Gnar is just stupid atm. He is not a bruiser, but a mix of both(tank and fighter) and that is exactly the same. Poke and poke, only that now his poke is stronger with Aery.

Illaoi and Gp are strong and they are just stupid right now. They poke and poke without end and they make top lane from an interactive lane to a lane where poke is the important thing and not trades. They also have a lot more sustain with flowband or whatever the name is.

Camille - She was transformed from a fighter to a poke champion in the laning phase. Does that sound good too you? She picked a rune that has to use and not because she needs it.

Jax and Nasus. Nasus is strong, but useless. Jax is strong like he was always. Useless.

Riven- strong in the laning phase, useless after that if she doesn't gets ahead a lot.

Top lane is mostly the lane where you poke to win and has become a lane where tradings are no longer a fact, but a side efect of the poke that you need to have to win the lane.

Aery and Comet has ruined top lane. Add to that the fact that there is no better rune to make top lane from a poke lane to an interactive lane like it used to be.

Not only that, but top lane has the least impact in the game and there are 50 champions top lane, where only a few can actually be called good.

I also don't agree with Hash that top lane tanks are strong either.

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