Transitioning into a Wheelchair?

The only issue I have when in my powered wheelchair is accessibility issues. Not everywhere can get my wheelchair in the front door, for example restaurants that friends have picked out, or work buildings, school buildings, getting the bus/train, sidewalks with cars parked on them, busy main roads with no sidewalks, all sorts. This is why I opted for a powered wheelchair with a lot of miles to a charge, so I can travel more easily to college and other places without getting the bus. I haven't actually tried out my wheelchair yet though because my current apartment/building isn't disabled friendly. I can't even get it in and out of the building as required (so I'm on the waiting list to move to a more disabled friendly apartment+building).

Accessibility is generally awful as a wheelchair user. You'll start to realise how much of a pain in the ass it is to access the world with a wheelchair, but when you can access places, it's so much less tiring and you've got just a little more energy to socialise.

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