The trouble with administrators

Or TRY to administrate. Have you seen a failed teacher with horrible classroom management become admin? I bet if they couldn’t keep 30 “kiddos” in line, they will have a hell of a time with 30 adults & 1000 kids, plus parents. How long do they last? How high is that turnover? Sorry to say, but we might have the same problem with teachers. Not all are God’s gift to the classroom, even if they think they are.

And the first ones to tear new admin down are the same teachers that sat by their side and made snide bullshit remarks at staff meetings. They used to be best friends & bond over tearing into admin, until one of them started playing for the other team, now he’s the bad guy. This is all very unpopular, I am aware, but I don’t buy into the admin hate and divide as part of building community.

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