Trump Calls Armed American Terrorists Who Stormed Portland ‘Great Patriots,’ Completely Ignores Their Violent Actions

Trump has been effective at categorizing anyone ideologically opposed to his agenda and policies as being “leftists” or “radical-left democrats”.

In reality, the actual far left is just as horrible as the far right. What is being labeled as the left however, are mostly anyone who doesn’t subscribe to far-right ideology.

Meaning, there’s a whole lot of moderates being painted with the same broad brush.

Left of fascism isn’t really the left and being pro-Constitution, means being pro 1st, 3rd, 4th, etc. and not just the 2nd.

This President uses a lot of black & white fallacy to describe people. You’ve got people who are with him—patriots. And you’ve got people who are against him—the radical left. That’s it. There is no middle.

Bifurcation, splitting, whatever you want to call it. He’s got a personality disorder. All roads lead back to him and have nothing to do with any actual reality. His perception of reality is distorted by his personality disorder.

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