Trump again calls for $2,000 checks as Covid aid bill remains in flux

Having lived in both, the latter on and off for a decade, this is pretty untrue. Especially in regards to having it taste good, given the cost of both raw ingredients and especially spices. The US's approach towards tariffs and VAT actually make it pretty decent relative to its median income to eat tasty, healthy food. One of the problems is that a lot of people don't make anything close to median income, and don't get the social benefits they need.

And I mean, of all the countries you could have chosen as a comparison, you chose the UK. Which is known to be one of the fattest countries in Europe, to the point where my wife was worried about moving there because she was afraid our kids would pick up unhealthy eating habits from their friends.

In addition, it costs much more to eat healthy (and good) in Norway than it does in the US, but there is a decent living wage for unskilled labour, and robust social welfare benefits. And people here aren't nearly as unhealthy.

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