Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting with Democrats on Shutdown

I don’t see how that’s possible. The president isn’t giving into to no wall. And pelosi and Schumer have no problem letting this go on because they already have the court of public opinion on their side blaming it on the president. The longer the shutdown the more air time they get to blame it on the White House.

If you remove all letters and bias the $5B the White House is asking for is so small compared to the defense budget and government spending. We spent almost $5B on the healthcare website.

Surprisingly I still find myself agreeing with both sides issue to issue and I don’t care either way on the wall which is why I think it’s best for the government for Pelosi to give the $5B. But I understand why they don’t. The longer the shutdown the more political points they score.

I rather have the people get back to work, and if the president declares a national emergency that gets his wall and the government re-opened...he’s going to spin it as the one who reopened the government. And if the house challenges it in court he’s going to say the left doesn’t want to re-open the government in an effort to keep the border open. Manufactured crisis absolutely but it’s going to be the reality. I don’t see how this hill was worth fighting on for the house when they get to pepper him with investigations for the next two years. People would forget about the wall.

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