Trump's Poll Numbers Are So Bad the GOP Is Starting to Panic About a ‘Wipeout’

What do you mean “not low enough”? It’s not like tens of thousands of people died because of his poor leadership and denial of a global pandemic. Or cities are on fire, literally and figuratively, because of civil unrest while he hides in a bunker. Or peaceful protestors are illegally shot and tear gassed by the military for the most ridiculous photo op ever. Or there’s proof of foreign collusion in our past and upcoming election, which will almost certainly include voter suppression. Or he name calls, commits tax evasion, attempts to repeal emission standards/big-game hunting regulations/endangered species acts, repeatedly draft dodged, disrespects minorities/veterans/deceased war heroes/handicapped people/women, tweets lies and doctored videos every 12.3 minutes, blames everyone around him for his mistakes, has claimed bankruptcy 6 times, practices blatant nepotism, has 2,500+ civil lawsuits pending, blames lack of virus testing on the president 3 years before the virus was actually in existence, shut down the government for a record-length of time because he decided America should pay for that wall he promised Mexico would pay for, denies climate change exists, denies basic humane necessities to those in immigration camps, denies civil rights for anyone but straight white people, takes credit for the “popularity of Juneteenth”, is in a cognitive decline so obvious Stevie Wonder can see it.

Ugh. That was an exhausting exercise.

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