I try to be myself and everyone keeps dragging me down

Well, what can I do when people insists that I tell them what I want? I mentioned documentaries (I love them since I was 2yo) after being pressed by relatives to list my passions/hobbies and one of them scoffed "documentaries!" in a very scoffing tone. What is the point?

Then I was complaining with another relative because everything I love is not a proper job, and I pointed out that it is pointless for me to say that I like Mongolian when what the market wants is German (foreign languages in demand) and the answer was literally "you DO NOT like Mongolian". That person like everyone else has a stuck image about me, in that case the fact that I liked Japanese about a decade ago. Mind you that I was attracted to the traditional Nihon Buyo dance, of all things. But no, I'm the "person about Japan" and my real self be damned. What do I do? And someone laughed about ballet and me because I don't have the body. Giving me a chance to change... no?

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