Tweaking the best out a 3900X

Thanks for your input. It confirms what I read alot about, that Ryzen 3xxx is unleashed by fine tuning of FCLK and DRAM clock/timings. However, as stated, I'm running the DOCP profile at the moment (which is 3600CL17) and I will go down the RAM path later, when the new DRAM calculator is out, cause current version (1.6.2) isn't exactly including my die type.

Also, since I was quite fast in my initial post, maybe I should detail more about my PBO experience. My test settings were to put everything on Enabled/Auto, with a 200MHz max boost. With that, CB20 was running all cores at 4.25-4.26, with a very high voltage (can't remember but I think I saw well over 1.4V), as reported by RM. I didn't try to run single core CB, but even though I'm still into gaming (4K with a GTX1080), I prefer to favour MT over ST performance, because when it matters most, MT pulls ahead for real-time use (I'm talking about 10s of minutes to hours difference when exporting huge RAW picture files after editing).

I even tried to trick my MB power limits with the 1W EDC (since Asus seems to be prone to this aberrant behaviour), and the results were basically the same, as it seems that PBO is not going over the 145W EDC whether the setting is 1 or Auto in BIOS. Maybe this will improve over AGESA/BIOS releases. And regarding what you said, I don't feel confident in tuning BCLK, mostly because of the mess it spreads into RAM timings, and also because I'm now a bit old and I was taught not to in the past decade. Maybe what has been true for Intel Core is not valid anymore for Ryzen 3.

I'll try to push my RAM to see where it can go, but I would be happy to keep it at 3600, if I can at least go extreme on timings. I have read to sometimes, reaching 1900 FCLK is a challenge. What would you recommend tuning to help reaching 1850 or 1900 (with adequate DRAM clock if it can achieve it)?

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