why is Twin Snakes so hated?

anyone who complains about the action cutscenes is nuts because that's the only thing it really has going for it (ryuhei kitamura's brain is very large).

my biggest issue is that it just feels really cheap and unnecessary.

the original is this insanely AAA, flagship ps1 game with crazy presentation for the time, and then twin snakes is just... a kinda mid gamecube game with janky models and animations, and AWFUL new music. mgs2 came out like 2.5 years prior, but feels 5 years ahead of it.

and i think the voice acting is a lot more flat in general, but that's one that i'll admit could be nostalgia.

also just dumping the mgs2 mechanics into the first game without really caring about what that does to the balance is kinda dumb, but it's also pretty funny so it's fine

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