Twitter Takes Down Accounts of China Dissidents Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

It's funny going through these tiananmen threads and reading comments about how voices are being silenced or how the great propaganda machine is doing a scarily great job poisoning this generation of chinese youth, and then little contradictions start to come up and it's hard to ignore: how do the chinese vpn their way out of China for that GoT finale that didn't air but NOT take a hot sec to look at June 4th wiki page while they are at it? and how are these foreign students who are out here getting grade A educations from ivy league schools (some even PAY their way into them lol) in the west not understanding or acknowledging atrocities like the '89 protest? if anyone truly wishes to understand things like Losing Face or the The Survivalist Mentality, or how not to force democracy on a country who's not ready to be democratic just yet, visit china, live in china, stop talking to your third generation ABC/CBC co workers or some foreign students who's never gonna admit anything to lose face and disgrace the motherland.

Otherwise don't worry about China.

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