U.S. and allies set to announce coordinated sanctions on China over Uyghurs 'genocide'

True in the present day environment I suppose. But the beauty of America is its ever present social change. The civil rights movements, women's suffrage, constant revision of past idealized history, black lives matter, asian lives matter, LGBTQ, ect, ect ,ect. I can count on America changing for the better to be more inclusive do to empirical historical evidence. Can't say the same for China, in fact the opposite might be showing through their historical entourage.

I can reasonably assume we'll be more accepting of the Iraqi population in the near future do to the widely identified condemnation of the wars in the middle east in America, especially with the likely possibility of reparations and other such amends over the coming decades/generations. Especially with the anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom which just happened a few days ago.

America is not a good country. But it can be. And most likely will be eventually. The CCP doesn't lead me to think the same for China.

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