U.S. reaches 75% of adults with at least 1 vaccine dose

I’m not vaccinated. Went twice and they either wouldn’t do it and wanted me to sign up for their cvs mailer and give me all my info to get vaccinated. I figure if they need me to get vaccinated they’d let me do it at my doctors office or at home. If it’s so unimportant that they’re letting companies use it as an information grab I don’t feel a pressing need. I wear masks and don’t go outside often. Plus we’re now finding out the whole “the vaccine is basically not doing much anymore because it has worn out sooner than they thought” so in reality I’m not too much worse off than you average bloke who hasn’t had a jab in 6 months.

But if I could simply get a prescription and do it myself or go and get it at my doctors office I’d do it.

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